PiezoNEMS and PowerNEMS

Research & Innovation in PiezoResistive and PiezoElectric NanoElectroMechanicalSystems


NanoElectroMechanicalSystems (NEMS) are currently under development at IMEP-Lahc, a research institute in the Minatec Innovation Center, Grenoble-France. This website is dedicated to providing information on very advanced and innovative sensors and energy harvesters based on NEMS devices, from design,simulation and modeling, technology and characterization, up to prototypes. Applications are such as autonomous systems, powernems, pressure sensors, spirometers, health portable devices.


Save the date !

A one-day workshop will be organized on the thematic of 'PiezoNEMS' in Grenoble (PHELMA), France on Thursday 14th November 2013.

If you want to present your work, send an email to: info@piezonems.com

The preliminary program and registration are now available !

Location: PHELMA-Polygone, 23 rue des martyrs, 38016 Grenoble, France

This workshop is organized by IMEP-Lahc / Grenoble
and sponsored by the Rhone-Alpes Region ARC6, Grenoble INP, PHELMA engineering school.


PiezoNEMS: when size matters!

We are focusing on two technologies:

- piezoresistive NEMS

- piezoelectric NEMS



PiezoNEMS applications








PiezoNEMS can be used in a large variety of very advanced devices such as:

  • pressure sensors
  • bio-sensors
  • flow sensors
  • energy harvesting devices
  • optical devices
  • nanoelectronics


PiezoNEMS 2013 Workshop
Nov. 14th 2013, Grenoble
Oct. 2013.
Preliminary program & registration now available on this website. HERE

New paper available online  
Oct. 2013.
S. Lee, R. Hinchet, Y. Lee, Y. Yang, Z.-H. Lin, G. Ardila, L. Montès, M. Mouis, Z. L. Wang,  "Ultrathin Nanogenerators as Self-powered/Active Skin Sensors for Tracking Eye Ball Motion..", Advanced Functional Materials, 2013
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201302157

PiezoNEMS scaling
was presented at IEDM 2012
Dec. 2012.
Scaling of piezoelectric semiconductor devices will be presented at the IEDM (IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting), in San Francisco.

PiezoNEMS prototype
was presented at PowerMEMS 2012

Dec. 2012.
A fonctionnal prototype including piezoNEMS was presented by Ronan Hinchet, at the PowerMEMS conference, in Atlanta (USA).

PiezoNEMS, resistive and elecrtric
Oct. 2012.
Laurent Montès has presented the lastest result of piezoresistive and piezoelectric NEMS at the ISCG conference (inviter paper), and Gustavo Ardila focused on the scaling of PiezoElectric NEMS for energy harvesting devices.

GaN based PiezoNEMS
was presented in China
Dec. 2012.
Mireille Mouis presented the piezoelectric properties of GaN-based nanowires for energy harvesting: modelling and characterization at The frontier of Piezotronics and Nanogenerators Coneference in Beijing on Dec.5, 2012.

Other interesting websites:

www.powernems.com is a website dedicated to power energy harvesting and control with NEMS devices.

www.migas.fr        MIGAS is an International Summer School on Advanced Microelectronics.
                               Have a look at the 14th session "Nanostrustures for Energy Harvesting

www.micropumps.fr is a website on MEMS micropumps

www.micronanotechnologies.com is a website on Micro and Nano Technologies : microelectronics and naonelectronics technology, MEMS, NEMS, devices and modeling


More info:info@piezonems.fr

Ph: +33 456 529 527

PiezoNEMS Team:
  Laurent Montès
  Gustavo Ardila
  Mireille Mouis
  Ronan Hinchet
  Ran Tao
  Frédérique Ducroquet
  Xavier Mescot
  Martine Gri

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